Costa Rica National Parks

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ACG ~ Guanacaste Conservation Area

ACA-HN ~ Arenal Huetar Norte Conservation Area

ACA-T ~ Arenal Tilaran Conservation Area

ACT ~ Tempisque Conservation Area

ACOPAC ~ Central Pacific Conservation Area

ACMIC ~ Cocos Island Marine Conservation Area



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Directory of National Parks Worldwide
A complete list of high quality, hand-picked websites with information about National Parks throughout the world.

DMOZ Costa Rica
The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.

An overview of the country, news, data and statistics of Costa Rica.

Wikipedia Costa Rica National Parks
Encyclopedia edited by volunteers, information about the Costa Rica National Parks System.

MINAE Ministerio de Ambiental y Energia Costa Rica
The Costa Rican government website for the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

SINAC Sistema Nacional de Areas de Conservacion
The government department appointed by MINAE to oversee the National Parks and Protected areas of Costa Rica.

Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica
Organization providing financing and volunteer assistance for housing for the needy in Costa Rica.

Paniamor Costa Rica
A private, non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to childrens' protection. The Foundation´s purpose is to attain compliance of the rigths of people under the age of 18 in Costa Rica. By providing information and training services, by engaging in policy advocacy, and by offering preventive attention to adolescents in social disadvantage.

RetoJuvenil Costa Rica
A Costa Rican based organization working in collaboration with Australia , Canada and Guyana to carry out volunteer programs where community development is complemented by personal growth, group work and community service. Reto Juvenil offers support to communities through unskilled manual labor for construction projects in communities, as well as environmental initiatives in national parks and rural communities

MiUSA Costa Rica
Empowering people with disabilities around the world through international exchange and international development to achieve their human rights.

Radio for Peace International Costa Rica
A global community radio station with both webcasts and shortwave broadcasts. Censorship is not an option initiative.

PBS: The Living Edens: Costa Rica
A presentation of the country and its unique wildlife and national parks. Teacher resources, a video and a screensaver.

Costa Rica Archaeology
The web's most complete source of information on the archaeology of Costa Rica.

Manual de Plantas Costa Rica
Botanical catalog and specimen database from InBio, MOBOT and the National Museum of Costa Rica

The Tirimbina Rainforest Center Costa Rica
Education and research facilities at the Centro Neotropico Sarapiquis in Costa Rica

The Nature Conservancy Costa Rica
Information on conservation efforts, publications and protected areas of Costa Rica

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ACCVC ~ Central Volcanic Conservation Area

ACTO ~ Tortuguero Conservation Area

ACLA-C ~ Caribbean La Amistad Conservation Area

ACLA-P ~ Pacific La Amistad Conservation Area

ACOSA ~ Osa Conservation Area

Park Attractions

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Costa Rica National Parks

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